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Social engagement projects

Corporate Social Responsibility CSR

Projects with a social aspect

Futureco Bioscience develops dissemination and communication projects of its sector and market in order to expand and disseminate good practices in both corporate social responsibility and environmental care.

One of the best ways to perform projects that help society and promote both its development and the organization of people while also building knowledge is through social networks. ICTs may allow the generation of products of innovation, organization, promotion and social change.

Preservation and care of the environment projects

Futureco Bioscience activities are based on solid pillars of corporate social and environmental responsibility, continuously exposed to improvements favouring the protection of the environment.

The company researches, develops and produces clean products of biological origin formulated with natural active substances, some of which have been certified as eligible inputs for organic farming.

Currently, the company respects the internationally valid ISO: 14001 certification of good environmental management practices and conducts its production on basis of conservation measures including energy efficiency, climate protection and waste disposal.

Another such project is the certification of Futureco Bioscience products as suitable for being used in organic farming or biological agriculture.

Oko GarantieCAAE Andalucía

Cooperation and Development

Since 2011, several field trials for insect control (mealy bug, fruit fly,...) and fungal diseases (such as Alternaria, Collecotrichum, Septoria,...) of Futureco Bioscience biopesticides have been performed in Ghana, Senegal, Kenya and the Ivory Coast.

Educational projects

  • Summer Stage Tackle Biotech: Summer internship for high school students (14-16 years) to promote scientific vocation in biotechnology (100 hours)
  • Futureco Bioscience organizes educational visits to its facilities for local and international high school students, showing them how its laboratories work.
  • Internships for Master Degree students of Advanced Microbiology (UB), Plant Physiology (UAB), Agricultural Engineering (DEAB-UPC) or PhDs.

Collaborating institutions

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have changed the way we do business, interact and collaborate, but ICTs also influence market dynamics and the way how partnerships are established. In Futureco Bioscience, we know that living in a globalized world means to work in collaboration and coordination with other entities and organisations, allowing us to go further, achieve more goals and to contribute much more to society.

For this reason, Futureco Bioscience partners with several institutions which promote the improved impact of agricultural biotechnology on society and also the industry's growth, as:

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