and Development

We are leaders in industrial R&D&I and in environmental friendly agricultural biotechnology.

R&D&I is the engine of innovation and quality of our products, but also one of the greatest assets of our company.

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Since Futureco Bioscience was created in 1993, the R&D&I Department and Regulatory Affairs Department investigate and develop products based on natural extracts and microbial Biological Control Agents (BCAs). These products act as pathogens for insect pests (bioinsecticides), antagonists of plant pathogenic fungi and bacteria (biofungicides and biobactericides), pathogenic nematodes (bionematicides), and/or biofertilizer (as plant growth promoters).

The R & D Department has a great capacity for screening potential microbial BCAs against pathogenic fungi, bacteria, insects or nematodes either in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo. Annually, more than 1,600 in vitro and 200 ex vivo bioassays are made from which are selected the most effective and innovative BCAs. Likewise, each year about 100 in vivo bioassays are performed in vivo (with plants) under growth chamber where selected BCAs and their formulations are evaluated. This capability makes Futureco Bioscience one of the most active worldwide companies in the development of biopesticides.

As a result of investment in R&D&I, 35% of the current company staff are researchers.

Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I)

The main research lines of the department are:

  • Microbial Biopesticides based on Biological Control Agents.
  • Biopesticides based on Natural Extracts.
  • Biofertilizers: Plant Growth Promoter Products (PGP), based on microorganisms or natural substances.
  • Development, improvement and technical support of nutritional product formulations.

R&D&I Projects

Between 1999 (the foundation year of the R&D&I department) and 2014, the following projects were developed or are currently in process:

R&D&I collaborators

Futureco Biosciece collaborates with outstanding institutions, research groups and universities of the agrobiotech and biocontrol sector, such as:
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