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Soil conditioners

Soil conditioners

Products added to soil to improve its physico-chemical properties and promote plant growth and health. These products improve soil structure by enhancing water retention and cationic exchange, adding organic matter, increasing nutrient uptake and stimulating microbial growth.

  • Bioterra

    Enhancer of microbial life and the balanced structure of soils

    Bioterra contains 25% of naturally occurring organic molecules and trace elements. The systematic use of this product improves soil structure and assures good microbial life.

    5l 20l 
  • Ecosalt

    Conditioner for saline and sodium rich soils

    The carboxylic (-COOH) and hydroxilic (-OH) groups in ECOSALT play a pivotal role in the transfer of calcium to the colloidal particles of soil, preventing and correcting the adverse effects of salinization and sodification (high content of sodium). The beneficial effects of ECOSALT are:- Physical...

    5l 20l 
  • Vigoral Mol

    Soil Conditioner

    VIGORAL MOL works effectively as a soil enhancer and is a nutritive supplement for plants. VIGORAL MOL is organic matter in liquid form derived from sugar beet production, containing humic extracts and nutrients of plants. Application of VIGORAL MOL improves soil fertility by enhancing cationic...

    5l 20l 

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