High Quality products for crop nutrition and crop protection

  • bioradicante


    Root growth stimulant for increasing harvest yields

    Plants need to develop strong and healthy root systems for adequate foliar growth and to achieve optimum yields during harvest. The application of free L-amino acids increases protein synthesis (essential in the first stages of growth), which directly or indirectly influences the plant's physiological processes. Among many functions, amino acids improve chlorophyll and auxin synthesis, germination, flowering and pollination while also enhancing the quality and ripening of fruits and stoma opening.

    Amino acids also act as natural chelating agents for the micronutrients, increasing the nutritional state of the crop.

  • ecormon


    Biostimulant for plant growth containing amino acids, molybdenum and seaweed extract, specially allowing for fattening and setting of fruits

    ECORMON is formulated with a seaweed extract, which contains natural plant hormones like auxins, cytokinins, and gibberellins. These compounds act as plant growth regulators in very small concentrations. They promote development of plant roots and buds, speed up cell division processes, stimulate photosynthesis, delay senescence and reduce premature dropping of fruits.

    ECORMON also contains molybdenum and amino acids to enhance absorption and translocation within plant tissues. Molybdenum is used by nitrate reductase enzymes present in root and stems, which control reduction of nitrate to nitrite ion. Molybdenum also facilitates iron absorption. Application of ECORMON increases pollen production, improving the development of fruits.

  • defender Si

    Defender Si

    Foliar mineral fertilizer based on potassium silicate and amino acids

    DEFENDER Si is a concentrate of potassium and silica. The applications of DEFENDER Si improve photosynthesis in all type of crops. It enhances production by improving pollination and increasing pollen fertility.

    DEFENDER Si is an ideal product to absorb extra humidity accumulating on crops, preventing growth of plant pathogenic microorganisms.
    - Silicon is accumulated in epidermal tissues of both roots and shoots. The thickening of the epidemical silicon-cellulose layer supports mechanical stability of plants and increases plant resistance against biotic and abiotic stress.
    - Application of Defender Si can increase the weight and volume of roots.
    - Silicon acts as a protective agent and increases plant tolerance to biotic stress.

    - Silicon increases plant tolerance to abiotic stresses like toxicity caused by Al, Mn, heavy metals, salinity, frost and drought.
    - Silicon increases soil resistance to erosion.
    - Reduces lixiviation of N, P and K in soils.

  • master


    FE-EDDHA, Iron chelated by EDDHA

    MASTER is a complex of iron chelated by EDDHA, which gives the product a good stability at high pH and in calcareous soil conditions. It is used for the prevention and correction of iron chlorosis in various crops.

  • improve


    PH and water hardness regulator with wetting properties

    The efficiency of many pesticides and fertilizers is affected by the hardness and pH of the waters, in which they are dissolved. IMPROVE is a regulator designed to adjust these parameters in three different ways:

    1) pH: When fertilizers and pesticides are dissolved in extremely alkaline waters, they suffer hydrolysis that partially or completely reduces their efficacy. The most sensitive chemicals are organo-phosphates, carbamates, synthetic pyrethroids and chlorinated hydrocarbons. Addition of IMPROVE to spraying solution acidifies alkaline waters up to an optimum pH for the better performance of active substances. IMPROVE contains a built-in pH indicator that turns the spraying solution pink or red when optimum pH (usually 4.5 – 5.5) is reached.

    2) Hard water: Hard water contains high levels of calcium carbonate or bi-carbonate, magnesium and other salts that inactivate pesticides and fertilizers. The capacity of water to conduct electricity (EC) is related to the concentrations of dissolved salts. IMPROVE can neutralize the presence of these salts in spraying water (hardness).

    3) Spreading and Penetration: The addition of IMPROVE to the spray mixture reduces surface tension, ensuring uniform spreading of the spray. IMPROVE contains additional wetters, spreaders and penetrants to enhance spray performance.

    IMPROVE prevents deactivation caused by hard water of post emergency herbicides, insecticides, phytohormone products and fertilizers.

  • Fito Maat

    Fito Maat

    Biostimulant to overcome stress situations

    Crops exposed to different environmental stress situations (drought, heat, cold, salinity) that drastically reduce productivity. FitoMaat® is formulated with glycine betaine, a natural osmoprotectant compound that has been proven to protect a plant's physiological processes when undergoing stress, maintaining growth and production, preventing damage, and aiding in the crop's recovery.

    FitoMaat® additionally contains the amino acid proline, which works in synergy with glycine betaine to enhance protection against stress and lengthen the effects of the latter.

    FitoMaat® also incorporates antioxidants that aid the plant's cells to detoxify, enhancing the efficiency of its anti-stress, osmoprotectant effects.

  • Botamisol 80 Pro

    Botamisol 80 Pro

    Biostimulant. Granulate Concentrate of Amino Acids for stress conditions.

    BOTAMISOL 80PRO is a granulate organic fertilizer of high concentration composed mainly by free amino acids from a double protein hydrolysis of vegetal proteins, what allows to obtain a high quantity of free L-α-amino acids (active biologically). Given its vegetal origin BOTAMISOL 80PRO contains a complete aminogram with all the amino acids the crop needs for its growth. In this way, metabolic and phytohormone synthesis pathways activate, and an improvement of the general nutrition is released, also providing a crop protection after abiotic stress situations or chemical stress due to the use of phytosanitary products. BOTAMISOL 80PRO stimulates important physiological and metabolic products, influencing in the best quality of the crop and its yield. BOTAMISOL 80PRO eases its application due to its high concentration in free L-α-amino acids and its granulate high concentrated formulation, and is applied at reduced doses with high solubility.

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