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  • Botamisol

    Biostimulant concentrate of amino acids for stress recovery and growth improvement

    BOTAMISOL is an organic fertilizer made up of essentially free L-amino acids obtained through a double stage enzymatic hydrolysis. This special manufacturing technique allows for high concentrations of free L α-amino acids (biologically active) and precursor molecules of specialized vegetal...

  • Ecormon

    Biostimulant for plant growth containing amino acids, molybdenum and seaweed extract, specially allowing for fattening and setting of fruits

    ECORMON is formulated with a seaweed extract, which contains natural plant hormones like auxins, cytokinins, and gibberellins. These compounds act as plant growth regulators in very small concentrations. They promote development of plant roots and buds, speed up cell division processes, stimulate...

    0,25l 1l 5l 20l 
  • Defender Si

    Foliar mineral fertilizer based on potassium silicate and amino acids

    DEFENDER Si is a concentrate of potassium and silica. The applications of DEFENDER Si improve photosynthesis in all type of crops. It enhances production by improving pollination and increasing pollen fertility. DEFENDER Si is an ideal product to absorb extra humidity accumulating on crops,...

    1l 5l 20l 
  • Ecoquel Micromix

    Mix of micronutrients 100% chelated by EDTA

    ECOQUEL MICROMIX is a balanced mix of micronutrients fully chelated by EDTA. It also contains 2% of free amino acids that increase the uptake of nutrients by the plant.

    1kg 5kg 
  • Improve

    PH and water hardness regulator with wetting properties

    The efficiency of many pesticides and fertilizers is affected by the hardness and pH of the waters, in which they are dissolved. IMPROVE is a regulator designed to adjust these parameters in three different ways: 1) pH: When fertilizers and pesticides are dissolved in extremely alkaline waters,...

    1l 5l 

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