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Botanical Extracts

Natural products derived from plants: roots, leaves, berries, barks, stems and flowers. These products have antimicrobial, insecticide or repellent activities. As natural origin substances represent an environmentally friendly alternative for crop protection. Their complex mode of action prevents development of resistances in the target pests or pathogens. Botanical extracts are one of the most adequate inputs for Organic Farming and Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

  • bestcure


    Organic fungicide and bactericide with direct antimicrobial action and substances that activate the plants’ natural defences against fungi and bacteria.

    BESTCURE contains some furanocoumarins (exogenous phytoalexins) that activate plant defenses against pathogens.

    The bioflavonoids (vitamin P) prevent oxidation of the ascorbic acid, enhancing its effect on plants. Both compounds have antioxidant properties, allowing for a synergistic effect that helps to preserve the natural aroma of fruits and vegetables.

    Application of BESTCURE also invigorates plants by facilitating an easy absorption of amino acids by the root or foliar system.

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  • Biolasting


    Post-harvest organic fungicide and bactericide with products that activate the natural defences and an antioxidant effect.

    BIOLASTING® is a product with natural origins that acts as an organic fungicide-bactericide. Post-harvest application of BIOLASTING® induces an antimicrobial response against a wide range of fruit pathogens. Additionally, BIOLASTING® is rich in organic acids (ascorbic acid and bioflavonoids); both compounds have antioxidant properties, allowing a synergistic effect that helps to preserve the natural aroma of fruits and vegetables in storage conditions.

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