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Products with infective units (propagules) of entomopathogenic microbials (fungi and bacteria) as active ingredient. Biopestcides represent an environmentally friendly alternative for control of several pests and diseases. These products are safe for human and animal health, have a minimal impact on beneficial organisms and do not generate residues on crops. Furthermore, their complex mode of action avoids generation of resistances in the target pests. Biopesticides are specially suitable for Integrated Pest Management Systems (IPM) and Organic Farming.


    Bioinsecticide for biological control of whitefly, aphids, beetles, caterpillars and flies

    NOFLY is formulated with spores of Isaria fumosorosea strain FE 9901. This microorganism is a naturally occurring fungus, which is a geographically widespread and common pathogen of insect pests. NOFLY is used for biological control of whitefly during all life stages of the pest, including eggs,...

    500g  m18

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