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We demonstrate, once again, the safety and quality of our products


Futureco Bioscience has renewed the certification corresponding to the manufacture of fertilizers according to Annex I Royal Decree 506/2013, after carrying out the audit done by the organization of certification Bureau Veritas without nonconformities.

This certification demonstrates that products: Defender Complex, Defender MZ, Vigoral Mol, Topcure, Bestcure, Bioradicante, Algaliv, Defender Ca, Ecormon, Frutaliv and Vitalem Forte, follow Regulation (EC) 2003/2003, of the European Parliament and Council, whose implementation in Spain is Real Decreto 506/2013. This decree was engaged to establish a basic regulation on fertilizer products, other than 'EC fertilizers' applied in agriculture and gardening. This regulation controls the use of new ingredients in the elaboration of fertilizer products, and avoids their possible harmful effects on water, soil, flora, fauna and man.

With this certification Futureco Bioscience continues to demonstrate the transparency in its good work and the quality of its products, which contribute to reduce risks and waste for the environment and its safety for human and animal health.

Certification in spanish and english approved by Bureau Veritas

Certification in spanish and english approved by Bureau Veritas

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