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Futureco Bioscience collaborates with the Seur Foundation in a solidarity project


A few days ago, from the staff of the company came an initiative to involve teammates in a solidarity activity. The project consisted in collecting plastic bottle caps to recycle and donate them to the NGO Fundación SEUR, which undertakes solidarity projects. The benefits of selling caps to recycle, during a given period, would be donated to a child treatment of the Angelman Syndrome, a rare disease that can cause microcephaly, epilepsy and tremors or ataxia, among others, and whose treatment has a very high cost.

This week the first box of caps was collected among the staff from their homes and from the laboratory and fabric plastic waste materials, washed and without risk. The initiative has fitted in well with Futureco Bioscience's CSR and its environmental awareness initiatives, certified by ISO 14001, and has entered into joint action in accordance with our Corporate Social Responsibility, governed by the United Nations Global Compact. In addition, it promotes the Sustainable Development Goals, SDG 14 to protect marine ecosystems, avoiding the dumping of plastics to the sea, and the SDG 8 of Health and Welfare, for collaborating with the medical treatment of a rare disease.

In addition, it is an example of involvement and awareness, from part of the team, that has been involved in collaborating, jointly and voluntarily in a team project with a social purpose arising from the staff's own concerns and involvement. A sign that really, in the company there is a conscience of care for the environment and of solidarity.

Delivery of caps to the Seur Foundation

Delivery of caps to the Seur Foundation

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