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Defender Active, the new range of deficiency correctors with biostimulant activity


Today a new range of Futureco Bioscience products is launched publicly, during the XV New AG International Conference and Exhibition held in Berlin, as a result of an extensive research and development work. Futureco Bioscience has designed new formulations of deficiency correctors with biostimulant activity, based on microgranulated solids with a high concentration of essential micronutrients together with metabolites with biostimulant activity from fermentation of microorganisms already present in crop environment.

The new Defender Active product line is based on the activation of metabolism associated with nutrients, resulting in more efficient applications, activating the crops and achieving better results than conventional deficiency correctors. Microgranulate solid formulation allows better handling and mixing, as well as a high concentration of nutrients, which together with the potentiating action of the metabolites of microorganisms allows the reduction of the applied doses.

Actually, the three Defender Active products launched of this range are: Defender Active Mg, Defender Active Zn and Defender Active Fe, for magnesium, zinc and iron deficiencies respectively. Each Defender Active is combined with metabolites that enhance and ease its transport through the plant and its effects, and protect the plant from both abiotic and biotic stress, as also enhance different metabollic paths and plant functions that conclude in healthier and more productive crops.


Development of Defender Active line products

Development of Defender Active line products

Gama Defender Active

Gama Defender Active

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