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FUTURECO BIOSCIENCE presents the update of its website with new publications, new technical contents of the products and the incorporation of a News section. FUTURECO BIOSCIENCE presents the update of its website with new publications, new technical contents of the products and the introduction of a News section through which it will inform to the clients from all the activities and new features surrounding the company.

Development of a new bioinsecticide for the control of Banana Black Weevil


FUTURECO BIOSCIENCE has successfully completed a 3-year research project to develop a novel biopesticide based on Metarhizium anisopliae. The work comprised four stages: .- Screening and selection of a native strain of M. anisopliae from the Canary Islands; development of commercial prototypes; risk assessment; efficacy studies. .- The results of this project are a strong base for further commercial development, although new studies are needed. In the near future, banana growers will have an...

FUTURECO BIOSCIENCE attends the 7ª New AG International Conference


The established annual event on the agenda of the industry for High Tech Ag inputs & Technology took place in Barcelona from 25-27 March at Hotel Princesa Sofia. More than 800 participants from 60 different countries worldwide attended the AG international conference. Researchers, consultants, distributors, established suppliers as well as new and emerging companies in the High Tech Ag sector attended the meeting on the latest technical developments and market trends in...

Launching the new catalogue


The new catalogue of products and services of FUTURECO BIOSCIENCE, SL. was presented to our collaborators in March of this year. This catalogue has been created under a novel concept aimed to ensure the continuous updating of the technical information of existing and new products. Its flexible format will allow an easy introduction of news, articles and results from the R&D department on laboratory and field tests. Distributors of FUTURECO BIOSCIENCE’s products have now the guarantee...
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