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FUTURECO BIOSCIENCE achieves ISO 14001:2004 certification


FUTURECO BIOSCIENCE is proud to announce that it has recently earned the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System accreditation. The certification has been granted by TÜVRheinland a global provider of testing, inspection and certification services founded in 1872, in Cologne, Germany. Its Certification is considered to be the most prestigious in an international context. The standard, recognized throughout the world, provides companies and organizations with a flexible framework for the...

FUTURECO BIOSCIENCE gets official registration for the product BESTCURE in South Africa


FUTURECO BIOSCIENCE successfully registered BESTCURE in South Africa in collaboration with its exclusive national partner. Both companies have already initiated the first commercial development for marketing the product. BESTCURE was firstly registered for the control of Botrytis cinerea on table and wine grapes, but aims to achieve more authorizations shortly. The botanical extract BESTCURE is a broad spectrum fungicide and bactericide with effective control of plant pathogens in...

FUTURECO BIOSCIENCE participates in the 7th Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting


A new year FUTURECO BIOSCIENCE participated in the Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting held in Lucerne, Switzerland (22nd -24th October, 2012). Delegates from the Technical and Marketing department of FUTURECO BIOSCIENCE attended the large number of visitors interested to know more about the company and its portfolio. The event was an opportunity to promote the marketing of BESTCURE, a product recently registered in South Africa. The event boosted the marketing launch of BESTCURE, a broad...

Official opening of the facilities and headquarter of FUTURECO BIOSCIENCE


Mr. Joan Sureda, General Director for the Industry of the Generalitat de Catalunya, headed the opening ceremony of the new facilities and headquarter of the company in Olèrdola (Barcelona, Spain) on July 4th. The new headquarters represent an investment of 1.5 million euros and it is a clear demonstration of the commitment of the company with the R&D and the pursuit of new International Markets. With a capacity...


Last 6th-7th December, 2011 was held in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) the first conference on Biopesticidesorganized by Informa Life Science.

Publication of The Yearbook 2010 by FUTURECO BIOSCIENCE SL


The edition of The YearBook 2010 issued by FUTURECO BIOSCIENCE SL is now available in the section Publications of the Website. The Year Book is a technical publication yearly issued by FUTURECO BIOSCIENCE. The contents are usually the latest news of the agricultural sector related with the Plant Protection and Plant Nutrition. As well, we formerly present technical information related to the recently launched products and the latest advances on FUTURECO BIOSCIENCE’s R+D projects....
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