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Futureco Bioscience's team keeps growing


Due to a reorganization at all levels to successfully meet its strategic objectives of global growth in both commercial and R&D affairs, Futureco Bioscience adds two new hires to its team, Laia Arrom, biologist and Ph.D. in plant physiology, and Silvia Múñoz, expert in administration management.L. Arrom will start a new activity within the Department of R & D to scientifically strengthen the business line of plant nutrition products, such as bio-stimulants, biofertilizers...
Laia Arrom and Silvia Múñoz

Laia Arrom and Silvia Múñoz

How will biotechnology, agriculture and environment converge in the upcoming years?


This 2013 Futureco Bioscience celebrates its 20th anniversary. Since we started our journey in the agrobiotech sector, the biopesticides and biostimulants market has evolved considerably, as an alternative to agrochemicals for plant nutrition and protection. The sector is now in a full swing. We look backwards and recap what has been done so far, and look in perspective where we want to go, and what we find is a scenario in which research, development, policies and efforts to reduce the...
Invitation to the panel discussion to talk about the convergence between agriculture, biotech and environment and the trends of the sector

Invitation to the panel discussion to talk about the convergence between agriculture, biotech and environment and the trends of the sector

New web of Futureco Bioscience


Futureco Bioscience launches a new website thinking beyond their customers, both potential and real. The new website is much more suitable to find us or be closer to clients and users, in 13 languages. To discuss content and interests, as to better manage queries, work and find business opportunities. Thinking from those who prowl the Internet looking for examples and experiences of another way of doing things to face new environmental challenges, as well as those interested in investing in...
New website in farsi, one of its 13 languages

New website in farsi, one of its 13 languages

Through the first contact with biotechnology


Between the 1st and 26th of July 2013, 4 teenagers between 14 and 16 years old went to FUTURECO BIOSCIENCE’s labs to dress the white coat, put on a pair of gloves and assist, help and learn how works, in a practical manner, the biotech crop research for the development of environment friendly plant nutrition and protection products.  This experience is part of the initiative Tackle Biotech, a name that summarizes the first contact these kids had with biotechnology. Instead...

FUTURECO BIOSCIENCE associates with BIOVEGEN to expand the scope of its R+D+i


FUTURECO BIOSCIENCE has signed as a member of BIOVEGEN, the Technology Platform on Plant Biotechnology, a public-private entity that acts as an interface between the scientific community, business and administrations, and whose mission is to articulate the agrifood and plant biotechnology sector, through R&D collaborations. BIOVEGEN connects the research and business to generate business opportunities in plant production, by linking supply and demand of technology, and generate a strategic...

FUTURECO BIOSCIENCE starts the first summer stage for high school students


FUTURECO BIOSCIENCE inaugurates its first edition of the Summer Stage Tackle Biotech, an initiative that aims to provide an opportunity for boys and girls from 14 to 16 years old to have their first contact with research in agrobiotechnology, within a business context, applied to the development of environmentally friendly plant protection products, such as biopesticides. This project is an experiment of integrated education of biotechnology that will be performed during the month of July...

FUTURECO BIOSCIENCE, member of the Catalan Association of Scientific Communication


2013 is still a prolific year for FUTURECO BIOSCIENCE, as it’s the year that the company celebrates its twentieth anniversary, and is achieving its strategic goals in the market, R&D and communication. In the latter area, FUTURECO BIOSCIENCEhas extended its chart incorporating the Department of Communication and Public Relations, a structure that will disseminate and systematize dissemination of progress in R&D of the company, disclose environmentally friendly...

Futureco Bioscience continues to grow, creating jobs and knowledge


Despite the hostile environment in which Spanish companies move, the contraction of the budget towards innovation, and for the sole purpose to manage the economy storm that continues, Futureco Bioscience is still committed to invest in research, development and innovation with a strong commitment to social and environmental affairs, which makes the company a leader in the European agrobiotech sector. In this growth, hiring highly qualified staff, Futureco Bioscience has performed two new...
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